Yoga with Christine

"Intelligence comes into being when the mind, the heart and the body are all harmonious"-J Krishnamurti



What are the benefits of Yoga?

 Want to reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as develop strength, flexibility and endurance then yoga is a great place to start.  Yoga for health, yoga for balance or yoga for fitness are some of the reasons to practice yoga. 

Whether you are a beginner or want a more challenged practice Christine offers a variety of classes that meet your needs. Yoga for beginners classes include-Flow 1, Gentle, Restore. Students who want flow yoga classes include-Flow 1 or 2, Strength and Balance Flow, Mixed or Intermediate. 

 Learn how to become more centered and balanced in a safe, light-hearted and nurturing environment. 

Set your intention

It is time to discover the endless possibilities that yoga has to offer you.  

Challenge your  mind, body and spirit and notice the positive changes.

Learn in a variety of settings that meets your needs

  • Group classes are led by a certified Yoga Alliance Teacher
  • Customize your practice in a  private or semi-private setting
  • Onsite corporate yoga available 

About Christine

 Christine is a certified Yoga Alliance Teacher with over seven years experience. She began her yoga journey in Brooklyn, New York where she was first deeply inspired to dedicate herself to her practice and teachings of yoga. In 2012 Christine decided to bring her passion and knowledge of yoga to Cape Coral, Florida where she currently resides. Her purpose is to encourage students to open themselves to the endless possibilities of positive change in their lives by finding balance within the mind, body and spirit. Christine's practice is an eclectic blend of mindful and creative movements with a emphasis on alignment and breath. 

What's Next?

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Class Schedule

Thrive Yoga & Wellness Cape Coral, Fl

Monday-6am Intermediate

Saturday-9:30 Mixed

Island Girl Fitness Club Bokeelia, Fl

Monday&Friday-9am Strength and Balance Flow

Monday -10:30 Gentle

YogaFit Cape Coral, Fl

Wednesday-9am Restore, 10:30 Flow 1, 4:15 Flow2


Wellness Center Cape Coral, Fl

Tuesday-6am Strength and Balance Flow, 7am Core Flow, 9:30 am Vinyasa, 11:30am  M.S. Speciality Class

Thursday-11;30am M.S. Speciality Class


Scheduled Privates


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  • Make your appointment for a private  or semi-private session 
  • Schedule your next workshop, retreat or onsite corporate yoga class

Up Coming Events

Vin with a Twist of Yin

Friday Sept. 8, 2017 at 6:00-7:15 pm Thrive Wellness, Cape Coral, Fl

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is yoga? Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj and it means to yoke or connect the mind, body and spirit together.
  • What does it mean to Om? Om is a vibration and it represents the sound of the universe.
  • How many times per week should I practice? I suggest practicing 2-3 times a week to get the full benefits,
  • How is yoga different from stretching or other forms of fitness? The difference when we practice yoga is we connect the breath to movements as well as direct our attention inward that is what cultivates a yoga practice. It is a process.
  • Is Yoga a religion? No It is a philosophy 
  • Can I practice if I am not flexible? Yes Yoga suits everyone's body regardless of their shape, size, strength or flexibility.
  • What should I bring? Most studios have mats and various props to use


Greg Hinton-"Christine is an awesome instructor. She goes at a great pace for everyone in the class, but keeps us all challenged no matter what our level. She manages to give individualized instruction throughout. I have learned so much from her in just a few months."

Jill Larson-" I really enjoyed working with you today and will definitely attend future classes. Thank you!"

Nicole Serra-Gonzalez- "Christine is such a professional. Her class was relaxing and challenging. I loved it!"

Jill Irzyl- "Christine is the best teacher for all levels. She is very encouraging with beginners and is constantly challenging the advanced students. She can do all this in the same multi-level class. She provides each student adjustments and modifications to meet his or her needs. Christine's class is very creative with new poses, props, and flows. Each class is very unique and most of all fun. She brings her joy of yoga with her everyday."

Stephanie Hughes-"What a phenomenal teacher! She pushes you, helps you perfect what you're doing, and is great at helping you modify, if you have an injury. Great Teacher."

Mark Nieds-"Great classes and great approach to teaching. I've learned a ton in her classes. Christine offers something for everyone no matter their level and teaches with just the right amount of technicality, spirituality, and most importantly humor."